How to Measure Step by Step
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Easy to Send in Accurate Numbers Yourself.
for Perfect Fitting Jeggings & Meggings

Waist A-A Is around your mid-section just above your pants waistband.
Round up your Measurement to Nearest 1/2 inch.
This is your Actual Measurement. 

Final Size Meggings is Slightly Less

If you have a larger Belly, you will find a 2  inch waistband will hold it all in
to make you Look Thinner Immediately.

 1 1/4 inch Width Waistband unless specified other

Rise  A-B Taken from small of back just above your current belt loop pants
then Go Thru Legs up to naval area, where you want the pants to rise up to.
For Low Rise Go 1 inch Below your Regular Work Slacks

Hip  C-C measure around  Largest Part of your Buttocks Area
Measure Snug but not Tight,  look for largest number you see.
Meggings are made slightly less, the same or slightly more
depending on the design style you prefer.

Leg  D-D   5 Numbers to Send in
 Measure around your  Upper Thigh
2. Measure Mid Thigh between your Knee and above
3. Measure the Center Knee Around
4. Lower Down Mid Calf Area
5. Finish at the Ankle

Length  A-E  Measurement is Total Length of Meggings
stand next to wall and make a small mark at where your upper waist area .
make a  mark lower near the floor at ankle upper shoe area 2-3 inches off floor